How Do We Develop Software?

Fred Brook's The Mythical Man-Month opens with a quote from the menu of restaurant Antoine in New Orleans: "Good cooking takes time. If you are made to wait, it is to serve you better, and to please you." The way we do software development is not unlike how we cook for friends and family. Our daily dwelling in code has given us the necessary skills to prototype, plan, schedule, develop, and maintain code efficiently. We have learned to put software together quickly with what is readily available for prototypes, and to let it simmer and pay particular attention to details when required.

Software is omnipresent in our work. Sketching user interaction and experience generally starts with analog tools and materials, pens and paper, but often requires interactive prototypes in later stages to test concepts and verify the validity of our ideas. We have particular skills in mobile and embodied interaction, touch-based interfaces, and games. When we develop interactive systems for web, mobile platforms such as Android and iPhone/iPad, and standalone applications, software is the core of the product we deliver.

We have several years of experience coding the software that make interactive systems run, and we are always excited at the idea of creating carefully designed applications and novel interactions.