Digital materials, now ubiquitous, have enabled even our most mundane products and services to become increasingly interactive. It is no longer enough to simply design a physically beautiful object; we must now concern ourselves with how it behaves and responds to people. Our experience includes web and windowed interfaces, expanding outward to mobile applications, tangible interaction, and augmented spaces. read more
Iterative prototyping is a crucial part of the design process. Prototypes allow you to fail fast and ultimately succeed, as you work with materials to find unanticipated problems and promising new directions for your design concept. Our experience with technologies such as Arduino and Processing, as well as numerous prototyping materials, enables us to enrich your design process by creating quick and informative software or hardware prototypes. read more
Developing highly interactive software requires particularly good knowledge of design and aesthetics, which are skills that not every capable programmer will possess. We specialize in the development of interactive systems for web, mobile platforms, iPhone/iPad, and standalone applications, with particular skills in mobile and embodied interaction and games. read more
Without evaluation to determine user needs, and to understand how well your design fulfills them, your success will be largely a matter of luck and guesswork. We are experienced in user testing, including focus groups, paper prototyping, in-lab usability testing, and qualitative video analysis of real-world use. We specialize in qualitative fieldwork to inform technology design, including participant-observation, interviews, multi-sited fieldwork, visual ethnography, and cultural probes. read more
We have organized numerous successful workshops on Craft and DIY, Wiimote Hacking and building Bizarro Game Controllers. read more