About Us

Wyld Collective Ltd is an independent design/research consultancy founded by people who are passionate about designing novel interactive systems. We're endlessly curious about how our designs can mesh with human practice, and we pursue our curiosity "in the wild" by conceiving, creating and evaluating technologies for real-world situations.

Excellent design is an interdisciplinary craft requiring technical, artistic, and cultural know-how. All of these aspects must be approached holistically, as deeply interlinked components. For this reason, Wyld Collective Ltd does not have separate design, technology, and testing departments; instead, each member of the collective is rigorously "multilingual". When we develop software, then, we are deeply invested in supporting good design. When we conduct a study to inform or evaluate a design, we can truly grasp its implications and respond accordingly. When we create a product, we do so with a thorough understanding of how it can fit or change users' everyday practices. When we start a design, we know how to finish it.


Wyld Collective Ltd
3421 ave de l’Hôtel-de-Ville
Montréal, Qc, Canada
H2X 3B5

email: info@wyldco.com
phone: 1.514.577.4459

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