Designing the User Experience for, we conducted iterative prototyping and user testing of a workflow for selecting, buying, and receiving personalized electronic gift certificates to local businesses.
Remote Order Box
An early Arduino-based prototype, this box interacts with a web API to summon what you need at the push of a button. A small LCD screen on the front of the box keeps the user apprised of the order's status.
The Great Migration
An interactive poem designed for large touchscreens, The Great Migration brings to life kinetic creatures made of text, which reveal their content as participants touch and play.
Propinquity takes embodied gameplay to an extreme by turning each player into the other player's game controller. Wearing proximity and touch sensors, players must move around and score points by coming close together, but never touching.
ISS Exhibit
This exhibit uses game design principles to educate visitors on the construction of the International Space Station. Teams of visitors must gather parts from around the room, learning about the ISS in an embodied way.
Speak is an iPhone/iPad app about place, voice, and the nature of poetry. The text of the poem drifts around the screen, and under the reader's touch, the poem reveals itself, line by line, as part of an intimate interaction.
Focusing on an economically diverse emerging market, this ethnographic study explored local and regional mobilities around Bangkok, and transnational mobilities between North America and Thailand.
Mr. Softie
Mr. Softie is a cross-platform application for typographic manipulation that provides writers, graphic designers, animators and typographers with experimental tools to control textual objects. In this application, textual glyphs can be sprayed, sculpted and animated intuitively.
Still Standing
Still Standing is an interactive installation that invites participants to stay motionless and contemplate its poetic content. The reader must stand still in front of the installation, allowing the text to soak into the outline of his body in order to read the poem.
Parazoan is an interactive installation where evocative objects collaboratively control a dynamic visual display. Our analysis of interactions with the system uncovers implications for our understanding of tangible and virtual collaboration.