Mr. Softie

with Jason E. Lewis, Obx Labs, Concordia University

Mr. Softie is a cross-platform application for typographic manipulation that provides writers, graphic designers, animators and typographers with experimental tools to control textual objects. It is based on the NextText framework, which facilitates the implementation of an interface that specifically targets the authoring of textual content.

The design of the application aims at pushing the user to explore tools and techniques that might not be available or intuitive when using common commercial applications. Mr. Softie constrains the user by emphasizing the use of digital type as the only graphical element available to work with.

Mr. Softie provides a set of tools tailored to working with text as a material. For example, it includes a set of SoftTypes, which allow spatiotemporal transformation of textual objects. SoftTypes are used as "sculpting" tools to create static composition with a kinetic feel, and to generate animations.

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Mr. Softie
Jason E. Lewis and Bruno Nadeau. Digital Arts and Culture 2009. Irvine, California, USA.