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Favorite tools for less than $100: Post-it glue

One point that I try to drive home when talking to people about design research, especially “indy” research done at small businesses like Wyld Collective, is that research in our area doesn’t require incredibly costly or dangerous equipment. No linear … Continue reading

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Cosmodôme: Le Rêve Impossible

I admit it, I was doing a vanity search. A while back we did this really fun project designing an exhibit about the International Space Station with some guys from gsmprjct, due to open at the Cosmodôme in Laval this … Continue reading

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Our latest project: luciole

We’ve been holed up for a while, here at Wyld Collective headquarters, madly prototyping our very first, very own line of products. luciole is simplicity itself. It’s a kit for building adaptable, rechargeable lights. It’s a great first-time project for … Continue reading

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Research with a Hacker Ethos

We’re holding in our hands a brand new issue of the ACM’s interactions magazine, which contains our article “Research with a Hacker Ethos: what DIY means for tangible interaction research“. (This is a scan of the magazine article, but we … Continue reading

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