Cosmodôme: Le Rêve Impossible

I admit it, I was doing a vanity search.

A while back we did this really fun project designing an exhibit about the International Space Station with some guys from gsmprjct, due to open at the Cosmodôme in Laval this last winter. We helped brainstorm the concept for the ISS portion of the exhibit, and then came up with some game mechanics and put together the interaction design to get a whole group of visitors to work together gathering components from all over the world to assemble the International Space Station. We also developed a deep and abiding love for cosmonauts and their moustaches.

So we ran across some promotional videos and some pictures of how the exhibit turned out. (The video’s in French, FYI.)

And there are some lovely pictures up on the Cosmodôme’s Facebook page. (#9 and #1 are the room we worked on.)

We’ll have some more photos of the final project to post here soon!

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