Speak: From poem to platform

We have been so busy lately, building a much improved version of our own site, running around to conferences, and completing a handful of projects, that we lost touch with our blog. I thought it was time for a small update to mention something we released recently.

A few months ago, we released a poem app named Speak, which is part of the P.o.E.M.M. series, made with Jason Edward Lewis at the Obx Labs. The original app for the iPhone and iPad was a single interactive poem written by Jason, and designed in collaboration with us. The poem is broken down, its letters randomly floating across the screen. The reader can touch and drag each letter, which then attracts the rest of the line it is a part of, allowing the reader to form and read the poem one line at a time.

Last week, we released version 2 of the app. As an experiment, we opened Speak to other writers to see what they might write for this specific interaction, transforming the poem into a poetic platform. To start, Jason invited four poets: JR Carpenter, Jim Andrews, David Jhave Johnston, and Aya Karpinska, who each wrote a text for the app. The poems will be released weekly starting June 1st, and hopefully more will follow.

Speak is available on the app store.

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