Tinkering, Crafts

and Inventive Leisure Practices


Tinkering, crafts and Inventive Leisure Practices (ILP) are a growing topic of study in the field of computer-supported collaborative work (CSCW) and elsewhere. These practices take many forms: altering commoditized products, building electronics, knitting and crafting, and more. Such leisure practices are facilitated by online forums that allow people to build on others’ work, whether through the creation of formal documents like FAQs or how-to guides, or merely the accumulation of discussion.

In this workshop we bring together researchers engaging with these communities.

For more details, please read the proposal: ILPworkshop.pdf


Jofish Kaye, Nokia

Amanda Williams,

    Wyld Collective & Concordia

Lora Oehlberg, UC Berkeley

Advisory Committee

Cristen Torrey, U Michigan

Daniela Rosner, UC Berkeley

Tricia Wang, UC San Diego

A workshop at CSCW 2011 in Hangzhou, China